Friday, December 31, 2010

As The Sun Sets On The Calendar Year...

Above photo and information below are used with thanks to owners of this blog site where additional text and informative, entertaining photos are to be found:     

Washington Island, Wisconsin -

Our foreign reporters in the Caicos have updated their blog site with more information on the C.G. RICHTER, now TREASURE SEEKER.   The red-hulled pirate-like ship was recently towed from protected but shallow harbor to deep water where an ocean-going tug took her astern for a long tow to a repair facility in Puerto Rico.  There, from what we understand, a new rudder will be fabricated and installed while the boat, or at least the stern, is out of water.   The owner's marine insurance company has apparently authorized both this tow and the repairs necessary to get the vessel seaworthy and on its way to the end-destination of St. Thomas, where it will be placed in a charter capacity for cruise ship visitors on shore excursion.    

Given the somewhat difficult trip thus far, we wish the owners better going the rest of the way, and with their venture.  They are now some 14 months since sailing the vessel for the last time from Detroit Harbor, Washington Island as the C.G.RICHTER.

  -  Dick Purinton

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