Thursday, January 27, 2011



Jim Rose has, once again, sent us a few excellent photos, these showing hard, clear January ice frozen in the absence of snowfall.    Here is the accompanying text Jim sent, followed by two more of his photos, with thanks for giving us permission to use them.  There is nothing quite like being out along the ice shoves in winter, listening to the groans and pops, enjoying the raw beauty of the ice and the bluffs.  This ice is about as clear as you will find, given its thickness, in any winter.  -  DP

    "On Friday evening, the 21st, Steve Waldron and I skied from the Little Lake museum, to the cut to the bay, and then up to Boyers Bluff.  The ice had shoved some, but was incredibly clear.  These pieces are almost a foot thick and you can see Steve's face through it, in the second photo.
And the next day I went over to Rock Island, and did some skiing there.  The ice in front of the boat house was almost like a mirror.  
Could have used a little more snow."     - Jim Rose

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