Thursday, April 7, 2011


Main Road, Washington Island, Wisconsin -

A four-man crew from Nation Roofers, Milwaukee, have made rapid progress with installation of the first stage of the new wrapper system on the Wilson and Carol Trueblood Performing Arts Center (TPAC).

Metal channel of a "hat-shaped" cross section has been screwed to the block walls half-way around the building, and a crew of three men using a second lift device followed up, screwing metal-clad foam panels to that channel framework.

A metal base channel that will accept the bottom of the long, vertical panels was fastened around the foot of the walls the entire perimeter of the building.  Doorways received special treatment, including foam to fill air gaps that might allow heat to escape easily and water shields over the openings.

This project, part of a larger effort to rectify shortcomings found in the original design and construction of the 2003 building, has progressed quickly thus far.   The final wrap of horizontal metal siding will follow the foam panel installation.  The end result will be a wind and water proof exterior, and a gain in insulation value from approximately R-4 to R-24.  

Photos were taken today, April 7th.
              - Dick Purinton

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Anonymous said...

Work looks great - very disappointing to see the sustained safety violations. Would be a huge shame to have a worker injured or OSHA citations on a nice project.