Friday, June 17, 2011


L to R:  John Chapman (TPAC); Terry Patrick, Project Engineer;
Jane Dreger, State of Wisconsin Building Inspector;
Bill Norris (TPAC)


Before the weekend comes along (and it is almost upon us) and yesterday's news becomes footnotes, there are several notable events to relate to readers.

Trueblood Performing Arts Center

The considerable remediation work that took place on Main Road at the Wilson and Carol Trueblood Performing Arts Center (TPAC) during the past six months received approval from State of Wisconsin Building Inspector G. Jane Dreger for "full occupancy."  

The facility has undergone significant modifications of roof truss supports and exterior walls, remediation items that were required to pass state code following a close-down of the building for public use in November of 2009.  Dreger conducted her final inspection walk through Wednesday morning, along with TPAC Project Engineer Terry Patrick of Professional Project Services, Inc., Milwaukee, and principal members of the TPAC Building Committee, John Chapman and Committee Chair Bill Norris.

Items that were most recently checked to State Code satisfaction were exit landings, exit lights and signage.  Dreger gave positive praise for what will be a building far superior structurally, and in its ability  to heat in cold weather, following the various measures taken to improve footing support for trusses and building wall materials that will raise the insulation to R-24 or better.

According to Norris, the long road to recovery received excellent technical support from the engineering firm hired to resolve discrepancies, represented by Terry Patrick of Professional Project Services, Inc., and the firmness, but also the patience and desire of the State to resolve this facility's deficiencies in the public's interest.

General comments were overheard regarding the canvas sails design element located in front of the building. They now stand out for the first time against the darker colored building siding.   Noting extensive steel beams and cross-bracing to achieve that artistic embellishment, it seemed a pity the structural engineering for the building didn't get the same degree of attention as the heavily built, stand-alone sail supports.

As the signed document was transferred to the TPAC representatives by the State, final exterior cosmetic changes were made to the main entry by Mark Randolph, Tom Jordan, Mike Remke (shown below) and Tim Ervin (painting window trim).

Walter Jorgenson

Word was received this morning that Walt Jorgenson, island resident all his life, passed away late Thursday.   Walt is survived by his wife, Mary, daughters Betty and Jeanette and sons Bill and Paul, and their families which include many grandchildren and several great grandchildren.

Readers of this blog and the 2010 book Bridges Are Still News may remember the piece I wrote about Walt several winters ago.   Retired commercial fisherman and foreman for the Anderson Potato Farm, Walt faithfully followed the daily ferry activities in his later years, especially days when son Bill was on board as ferry captain.

Walt's funeral will be held Monday morning, with military honors.  Our condolences to his family.
Walt Jorgenson behind the wheel of his truck at the ferry dock
on a frosty winter's morning, 2009.

Northport Visitor Center Official Opening

Although the Northport Visitor Center opened its doors to the public for the first time Memorial Day weekend, the official opening was marked Wednesday evening when approximately 60 people representing Island Chamber of Commerce businesses attended a reception held there.

A special ferry brought guests from the island to view the former Northport restaurant space now transformed by a variety of photos, a painting, displays and brochures, all of which is hosted daily 9:30 am to 3:00 pm by Chamber and Ferry Line representatives.   Positive energy emanated through the crowd of guests, fired perhaps by optimism for improved tourism and the possibilities the new Center might offer in marketing the island.

A number of peninsula-based Chamber members also attended, as well as Peninsula Pulse photographer Dan Eggert.   Photos below were taken Wednesday evening by several contributing photographers.

Island Chamber members arrive for Visitor Center open house (Tim Sweet photo)

Island Chamber President, Carol Stayton
(Above photos submitted by Tim Sweet, Jeanette Hanlin, Dick Purinton)
Mary Andersen, Joanne Elmore and Jeanette Hanlin pose in front of oil painting
by Eric Brodersen.  Water lily is in the oil painting!  (Hanlin photo)

-  Dick Purinton

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