Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Members of American Legion Post 402 lead participants,
still jostling for position, prior to start
 of the 2011 Fourth of July Children's Parade
Washington Island, Wisconsin -

The evening was perfect.  A slight breeze sprang up to help cool the air.   Dozens of kids, bicycles, trikes and in the case of the youngest, their parents, gathered on Main Road in front of the Legion Hall, jostling for positon behind the fife and drum and reenactment group in colonial dress.  They were followed by an Island Fire Department truck, and a float pulled by Super Chicken on a four-wheeler.

It was fun for all, with lots of flags waving as the parade proceeded southward to the ball park.  The pleasant evening - the entire weekend for that matter - brought out many visitors, swelling the ranks of islanders who also claimed their places along the roadside.  Some set up to stay for the fireworks show that started around 9:15.

At the Ball Park, Kirby Gunnlaugsson and Ted Hansen handed each child participant a one-dollar bill.  Nearby, minutes later, the Time Out Concession received those same dollars in exchange for candy, ice cream and other treats.

Below, evening photos:

Children assembled along first base line and
third base line. Each received
a parade participation prize:  $1 each.

Ed O'Neill carried Bennington flag
alongside fife player and drummer

Super Chicken, aka Terri Moore, pulled wagon with KK Fiske faithfuls,
the lone parade float.
- Dick Purinton

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