Friday, December 16, 2011


Washington Island, Wisconsin -

Sixty days to the day it left Detroit Harbor for the shipyard, the ferry Robert Noble returned to homeport.

The work was extensive, as indicated in previous postings at this blog site, and a few snags were encountered along the way.  However, a successful underway trial was performed Wednesday, paving the way for a return trip Thursday, December 15.    Rich Ellefson and Hoyt Purinton brought the ferry home, skirting the west shore of Chambers Island rather than the inside route past Eagle Light, due to high winds forecast for the afternoon.   They had a chance to try out the extended rudders and steering system as they surfed across the Door in a west wind, and the breaking seas around the entrance marker.

Engines and systems performed well on the return home, the first prolonged test underway, and fine tuning will take place on several bugs still noted, such as ramp hydraulics.

Here are several photos to show the completed work.  Hoses and engine coolant, and tools will be stowed in the coming days, and serious cleaning will take place prior to painting, if weather cooperates and temperatures allow for maintaining reasonable engine room heat.    -  Dick Purinton

View looking forward and toward the centerline as
you enter the engine room space.
Detail photo looking down along centerline
bulkhead shows engine and gear electronics
pinned in control board where gauges are also
located. Aluminum plate at right protects
against accidental brushing against terminal
Port engine and forward bulkhead showing piping for cooling, fuel, and hydraulics.

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