Friday, November 16, 2012


Paula's view across Porte des Morts Tuesday evening.
Washington Island and Northport -

Paula Hedeen, a Northport neighbor who lives a short distance to the west of that mainland ferry dock, has a vigilant eye, an excellent camera and lens, and stays up late enough in the evening to observe and capture northern lights.   With the expanse of water and Washington Island lights in the background, Plum Island's red rear range light, and the distant glow of Escanaba's lights some 30 miles in the distance, its a scene very few have a chance to observe.

In the progression of photos an isolated white light begins west of Washington Island, getting slightly larger over time.    It turned out to be an ore carrier on a southerly course from Escanaba, and without time to set her camera back on the tripod Paula was able to photograph the ship and the northern lights.  Very nicely done!

She's been generous enough to share a few of her photos in this blog.

Although it's closed for the season now, several of her northern lights enlargements taken a year ago were displayed on the wall behind the customer counter.   Paula's work is not exhibited in a gallery, but if anyone wishes to obtain one of her northern lights prints or cards,  I would be happy to relay your wishes to her.

-  Dick Purinton

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