Thursday, March 14, 2013


Washington Island, Wisconsin -

There's not a great deal to add to the above photo.

Mud spoils are off-loaded to dump trucks at the island ferry dock by Mike Kahr, Death's Door Marine Construction, and hauled to the Hagen gravel pit.   Areas of less than 9-ft. depth were recorded in a bottom survey last fall.  Much of the maneuvering area is too shallow for the Arni J. Richter, and close to the keel for other ferries.

Island dredging has now been half-way completed.

Above photo taken 3.13.13 - Purinton

The good news, according to Ferry Line vice-president Rich Ellefson, is that water levels improved six inches since December.  This is a trend we hope continues, as snow melt and spring rains add to the lake depths.  For now, and possibly into April, we may continue to use the Potato Dock, even though the surface is getting muddier by the day.

Movement of the Robert Noble from our service dock to the end of the main dock (noted by several who look at our web cam) was to open up the area for dredging.   Ice still covers the harbor, a good 16 to18 inches of ice, and with cold weather recently overnight (low 'teens) we can expect to see ice beyond the month's end, and maybe later.

-  Dick Purinton

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