Thursday, April 24, 2014


Detroit Harbor, Washington Island-

The list of authors and presenters for the 2nd Island Literary Festival, sponsored in part by the Trueblood Performing Arts Center of Washington Island, was recently released by Festival Chair Betsy Wallman.

This year's Literary Festival will be held Friday through Sunday, October 2-5, similar to last year's time frame but with expanded activities for two days over last year's schedule.  Additional time on Thursday, Oct. 2nd, and Friday, Oct. 3, will be used to facilitate workshops.  (Workshop details and separate fees to be forthcoming.)

This year's Festival theme is,  Rooted in the Heartland:  Themes of Family.  Through consideration of this theme a selection of authors was made, and invitations accepted.  Those named on the announcement will center discussion and presentations throughout the weekend around this theme.  A concerted effort was made to invite authors who are from the midwest, or who write about midwestern experiences.

The primary purpose for making this announcement now, in addition to letting everyone know the dates and the basic festival outline, is to provide avid readers the opportunity to assemble a reading list.   Attendees at last year's Festival said they would have preferred advanced notice to enable them to purchase, read and absorb works by featured authors.  Greater attention will also be given this year for the on-site purchase and signing of books.

Although local, Island book stores may not open until Memorial Weekend, we presume that when they do, many of the titles listed on the Festival flyer will be stocked, in anticipation of reader interest for the coming summer months.

Knowledge of featured authors and their titles will certainly help enhance your Literary Festival experience - although I must say, it didn't detract in the least from my enjoyment as an audience member.  Each presentation was a pleasant surprise, entertaining and unexpected fun.   (Perhaps I harbored memories of sitting through college classes in Madison when I longed to be out rowing on Lake Mendota.)

This same above schedule can also be found through the website, but you'll have to search a bit in the general calendar of events to find the link.  More details are sure to be offered there in the coming weeks.

-  Dick Purinton  

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