Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Detroit Harbor, Washington Island -

My activities of the past month or two prevented me from keeping up with blog obligations.  Those activities include time on the Karfi to Rock Island, providing tours on the Cherry Train, and a current book project.

However, with my new book about to be delivered - (which really means driving to the printer's location in Green Bay to pick up boxes next week) I should get back on track soon.

This book, you may be interested to know, is a collection of bits of poetry and fiction (mostly), my attempts at a more creative style of writing.  Among pages of text are photos of sculptures, some of which loosely relate to text.

For those of you who live on the Island, this book should appear at your local Island bookstore (or Ferry Line customer counter) by Thursday of next week, August 14.

You may also order directly from my website  ( or print the form shown below and mail a check:  $15 + $3.25 shipping.

This project seemed like a logical next step, one that would be fairly simple to organize and execute.   But, it turned out to be more involved than it first seemed, with much internal wrenching to get the pieces organized, on paper in proper order, and to feel good about the results.

I worked once again with Island graphics designer Amy Jorgenson, and we were able to get the front, back and inside covers, plus the overall look, into a form we liked in short order.  But the tweaking and editing seemed to go on forever.  Small things mostly, but critical for the overall appearance and readability.  

Now that it's done, I'm quite pleased with the final result, both the content and the look and feel of this book, and I hope readers will be, too.

 -  Dick Purinton

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