Thursday, January 24, 2019


After a winter with little snowfall and above average temperatures and mostly bare ground, we received at least six inches of fluffy snow yesterday.  The snow stopped by dusk Wednesday and we awoke this morning to a bright sun, with snow cover all around and on the limbs of trees alongside our home.  I went outdoors to complete snow removal begun yesterday.  

However, I just looked outdoors from my basement office window, and I see that it's SNOWING ONCE AGAIN.

Closed in and comfortable while watching the snowfall through thermal pane windows, all of Tuesday and most of Wednesday, was an enjoyable pastime.   Snow that fell was light and fluffy, not wind driven, and this made removal all that much easier.

We hosted a meeting of the Archives Committee at our home late Tuesday afternoon.  Our agenda included discussion of finances and coming activities,  but we also took this opportunity to recognize Jeanie Young for her 20 years as a committee member.  She retired from her role during Tuesday's meeting.

"How long were you the treasurer," we asked?   "From the very first meeting," she replied.

Jeanie was manager at Bay Lake Bank here on the Island at one time, and I suspect she was selected, in part, for her book keeping abilities.  But in addition to being treasurer, Jeanie was interested in local history, and she volunteered afternoons in the Archives, assisting those who dropped in, and by helping to organize files and new materials.

In order to properly thank her and remember her service, we presented Jeanie with framed family photos of Gunnlaugsson family members, headed by Peter and Magnena.  I might be imagining things, but I think I can see strong family resemblances in the faces of Gunnlaugssons living here today.

Below you'll find our Archives Committee members who were present, and also an image of the Gunnlaugsson family members in one of the photos presented to Jeanie.

Jan. 22 Archives Committee members present (Jewel Lee Grandy and Eric Greenfeldt were absent):  Dick Purinton, Karen Jess, Merrill Lundberg, Archivist Steve Reiss, Judi Yamamoto, Julie Anderson, Connie Sena, Kirby Foss,
and seated, Jeanie Young, holding framed photos of her Gunnlaugsson family ancestors.

      In the photo below (also center in the above frame), top row:  Peter Jr.,  Stephen, Magnus.  Bottom row:  Louis, Mrs. Peter Gunnlaugsson (Magnena), Bjarn, Peter, Dagmar and Magnena.  Magnena was a Magnusson, and her marriage with Peter joined two Island families of Icelandic heritage, now with many descendants.


This photo also appears in the blue cover book by Mrs. Anne Whitney, first published in 1950 on the occasion of the Town of Washington's Centennial.  It was titled, "Let's Talk About Washington Island."  This book was later republished by Kurt Meyer, and copies are still available at the Washington Island Archives.

Here's to another snowy day...    Dick Purinton

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