Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Detroit Harbor, Washington Island -

Due to changes made by Google to the blogger.com site, I've not been able to publish the blog Ferry Cabin News as had been the case since April of 2008.   

Over that approximately 12-year period I managed to publish 384 blog posts, almost all of them with accompanying photos or illustrations of some sort.  A typical posting took a good two hours of my time, with photo selection (or taking photos), managing the template provided, downloading them in the approximately correct positions (with results not always what I had hoped for, but I sometimes settled for "best effort.") 

With the "new and improved" Google changes I encountered  August 4, when I went to publish a new blog, I was unable to download images to the page.  The inability to illustrate text with color photos took the wind out of my sails, so to speak.   Same for the klutzy new way of working with the revised template.  

So, thanks for your reading of these entries over the years.   I did them out of enjoyment, with some pleasant feedback, also mindful of the "time capsule" they present in terms of Washington Island's history.  Occasionally --- but not too often, I hope --- I climbed onto a soapbox, or I applied self-centered opinion.  Not always the best of writing moments, but they do happen, along with much middle-of-the road commentary.

Unless this blog creation format returns to what it had been, this will be the last such entry for Ferry Cabin News, one that I started to herald the 25th anniversary of the Island's Stavkirke.  

I hope that, if you're so inclined, you may still be able to find worthwhile information and entertainment in sampling the older blog entries.  I've done that myself from time to time, in fact, in order to refresh myself on names, dates or events. 

Best wishes -  Dick Purinton