Wednesday, November 17, 2010


 Voyageur at Bay Ship- 2006 - (Wendell Wilke photo)
Washington Island, Wisconsin -

Karen and Bob Kalal, who have ties with Gills Rock and who fondly remember the days of Washington Island ferry boats landing there years ago, sent along a number of photos.   They show the Voyageur at various stages of remodeling, in what turned out to be a better-looking vessel in many respects, one well-suited, at least, for the tour and excursion business on Chicago's waterfront.  Major changes in appearance can be seen in these progress photos.  Bob took a number of photos "through the fence," as he put it.  Others are attributed to Wendell Wilke and Bob Lund.  Thanks to all who consented to have their photos published here.    -  Dick Purinton

Shown above and below:  Voyageur on blocks at Bay Ship, winter of 2005-06.  (Wilke photo)  A small extension was constructed over the transom (below) for crew access, line handling and emergency egress.  

Scrap heap:  old pilot house and cabin section  (Kalal photo) 

Voyageur at Bay Ship prior to reconstruction.  (Dick Lund photo)

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