Thursday, November 25, 2010


Washington Island, Wisconsin -

We had a wonderful dinner, ate too much as is the custom, the grandchildren have gone home and to bed, and the most strenuous activity I can come up with at the moment is typing words on my computer.

Thankful for so many things in our lives, our friends and our family, and the good health to enjoy one another, rest at the top of our basket of plenty.  We're thankful for our customers, too, the many people who from diverse backgrounds travel by ferry for many different reasons. Some are customers only once, while others use our ferry services on a regular basis.  Living in this country where we have a wide range of freedoms is yet another thing we are thankful for - a circumstance not to be taken for granted.

We hope your Thanksgiving was satisfying and memorable, too.

Wednesday morning I  boarded the 7 a.m. ferry.   Thin ice from the late afternoon trip the day before still coated the foredeck.  The season of slippery, ice conditions had begun.

A few vehicles belonging to hunters were on board, headed south with deer on car tops, and in the case of one boat owner, pairs of hooves projected from the cockpit of his craft.  They were taken, maybe, from Rock, Detroit or Plum Island.

The 2010 gun hunt for deer continues through this weekend, then a muzzleloader season and a late bow season follow.  Only the smartest or luckiest deer will still be running free in late January.   But, many of them survive, and as many seem to populate the island forests and meadows the following year.   Their numbers remain steady, from year to year.

We've enjoyed a mild November so far, but that's about to change.   Winds tonight are gusting to 40 mph and higher, with gale force winds forecast to continue through Friday evening along with plummeting temperatures.   Given the drop in temperatures, spray will cause icing on deck, and tomorrow's ferry runs may be challenging.
  -  Dick Purinton

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