Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Wheelhouse view on March 14, on our way to
a near-record temperature for the date.
Detroit Harbor, Washington Island -   A mass of warm air settled over the upper Great Lakes, creating many record, or near record, temperatures.   Although the breeze is light southerly, and it will keep temperatures slightly lower than inland locations, our day is extremely comfortable for early March.

John Delwiche, our local NOAA weather reporter, was on board the ferry yesterday, and he concurred we will likely have a record warm March, if this pattern keeps up.   His February statistics showed the 4th warmest month on record, and thus far in winter (to the end of Feb.) it was the 9th warmest winter recorded so far.

Because we have a diesel class for our crew, approximately ten men plus Bill Eickelberg of Sturgeon Bay, who is auditing the class out of personal interest, a special ferry crew has been making the daily runs.  Yours truly at the helm, Al Stelter and Con McDonald on deck.   Its been a great change of pace for us - Al and I pretty much ashore otherwise, and Con home from U. Minn. spring break, where he is a freshman.

Jon Sowl is the NWTC Diesel Technology instructor, and he brought along with him several diesel engines in various stages of repair, for students  to learn the differences in the various engine designs, to learn their systems and trouble shoot for repairs. Classes are being held both indoors at the fire house classroom, and also outdoors at the Ferry Line's steel building, where outside the weather has made for a pleasant environment.

On the route, ice has all but disappeared, only a few streaks off Door Bluff visible from a distance.  Spring is upon us.

-  Dick Purinton

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Anonymous said...

My family and I have traveled to the island for about 12 years. My daughters, who are 7 and 4, love to look at your island photographs as a way to stay connected to a place they love. This wheelhouse picture reminds me that we will be traveling to our other home in just a few short months. My daughters loved seeing the journey from the captain's perspective. Thanks for your posts!
Take care,
Kim West
From St. Louis MO