Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Chad and Evy Beneda in driveway of their new home.
Washington Island, Wisconsin -

A few weeks ago I posted a blog entry about family moving closer.  This was the first sort of announcement of the potential future sale of our former Main Road home to our daughter, Evy, and Chad Beneda and boys.  They are now 90% moved in, and have enjoyed being on the Island after moving from their former home in Brookfield.  They still own their Brookfield home and it will have it for sale, shortly.

In the meantime, during the week Chad will travel back and forth to sales appointments, much of it by air, as an insurance representative for Liberty Mutual's midwest commercial accounts, and he will also continue to report to his Chicago office for some of those days when not on the road.   But, if his travel connections work well, starting with the ferry on Monday morning, and if he's able to keep up the pace of weekly travel, Chad plans to be home each weekend with his family.

Their two sons, Atlas, 9, and Zander, almost 4, have also begun to acclimate with school projects and more outdoor time as the weather improves.  Atlas happily pedals to the nearby Island Library for books, and south along Main Road to his Gramma's for cookies and entertainment.

Mary Jo with grandsons Zander, Aidan, Atlas and Magnus
on move-in day.

The Beneda's home is the one "across from the log cabin," or "across from the ball park," also known as the "J. W. Cornell home," or the "Maple Grove Inn" where June and Jake Gunnlaugsson rented rooms in the 50s and early 60s.   It was purchased by Carl and Ethel Anderson in 1963 (Carl was a brother to Ed Anderson, Ethel was a daughter of J. W. Cornell), before being transferred to Mary Jo and Richard in 1976.  

We're pleased to see it still in the family, enjoyed again as a year around home by the Benedas.

-  Dick Purinton

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