Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Washington Island, Wisconsin -

Since early December, Trinity Lutheran Church has  been under renovation, the most extensive yet in the history of this church building constructed in 1948.

After the pews, organ, piano and other furniture were removed to temporary, off-site storage, then the carpeting and fiber ceiling panels were removed and disposed of.  Pro Foamers, Inc., of Green Bay sprayed insulation over the exposed ceiling surfaces, providing a much improved, estimated R-35, insulation factor.

While the ceiling was exposed, the renovation work also provided an opportunity to upgrade wiring and improve interior lighting.  The old fixtures will be reused, but a company in Green Bay is refurbishing them with new wiring and sockets that will accept modern, efficient bulbs.

With wiring and insulating complete, the Young Brothers then paneled over the foamed ceiling throughout with pine boards.   In mid-March, the Building Committee decided to extend the project by removing the barrier wall between the narthex (entry) and the sanctuary, an enlargement of the overall worship space.

Pine boards were installed over foamed ceiling.
Bob Young hands trimmed board to Dennis on scaffold.

The original (and often broken) floor tiles were then removed in preparation for new carpet throughout the spaces.

Also a part of the renewal is a new LP furnace with air-conditioning capability, and replacement of the 60+ year old windows which had required storm windows each fall.  New windows are currently being installed with modern, triple-glazed windows.  The new windows are transparent, not tinted or textured as were the original windows.   Because of this change, the new windows ought to admit much more natural light.

Larry (in window) and Dennis Young were
installing windows this Wednesday morning. 

This construction project is being paid for through generous donations, and it is expected to be completed - or nearly so - by Memorial Day, in time for added Sunday worship services, weddings and other anticipated activities.

In the meantime the Fellowship Hall, now in its ninth year of use, serves the congregation quite well for worship on Sundays, and as a gathering place for various church and community activities during other days of the week.

 - Dick Purinton  
Since early December, worship services have been held in the Fellowship Hall 
adjacent to the church.   Here, Pastor Frank Maxwell leads the congregation.  

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