Thursday, January 3, 2013


WBAY news team at the Potato Dock Thursday morning.
Detroit Harbor, Washington Island -

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News reporter Bao Vang, WBAY-TV, Channel 2, Green Bay, and her cameraman did a short interview this morning with Hoyt at the Potato Dock about dredging.   The Roen crew had just completed offloading the barge and were in the process of pushing the crane and material barges into position to begin again.  The news story should air on the local-2 news this evening.

Two crews are now working on the barges.  Tom Jordan digs the tougher material with the excavator during the day, which is offloaded before the shift ends, then second shift digs softer material with the crane, and that barge load is trucked first thing in the morning.  Progress is being made, but there are still 3 to 4 days of this routine, estimated, to complete the work.  Temperatures have been in the teens by night, low to mid 20s by day, with a forecast for warming toward the weekend.   That's good news.

Early morning runs to Northport are being made to pick up log trucks (empty), which are ferried from the island later in the morning. That return trip is sandwiched between the two regular runs.  This routine is day-by-day, dependent upon the volume of logs to be exported.  With moderate winds and no ice in the route, ferry travel has been good.

Travelers interested in catching an earlier trip need to contact the Ferry Line office to find out if there will be an extra ferry for the following day, and time of departure.

-  Dick Purinton  


Tad Gordon said...

Dick, I really have enjoyed your commentary--its one of my frequent spots on the web. I too enjoy watching these big projects. Some perspective...back when the earths crust was cooling (1964)I recall the low water mark in and it rightfully had everybody's attention. At the time I was a laborer conscripted by my father and uncles to reconstitute decrepit cribs and docks. My entreaties about the wisdom of this dubious project were rebuffed with the old Scottish proverb "you can't have any milk without manure". Much as I wanted to tell the mentally deficient older generation that I would glady forgo milk I prudently kept my mouth shut. I realize that the associated mess with dredging may strike some as "manure" but in my old age I have come to appreciate "milk". Good luck to the gents doing the hard work!
Tad Gordon
PS. scan the old papers digitally.

Richard Purinton said...

Tad - Adding to your metaphor, the manure pile is slowly dwindling. Today should be the last major day for the Roen crew. They'll be looking for the first good weather window to return to Sturgeon Bay (it now looks like Friday may be that day.) *** I didn't have the original newspaper / magazine articles, but second or third copy machine versions to work with on the Anderson Potato Farm blog. They were admittedly poor in quality. *** Safe flights to you... DP