Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Weather photo, taken early Tuesday afternoon, Jan 29th.
(Purinton photo)
Washington Island, Wisconsin -

After promoting the picture of a mighty, bustling island in winter I open here with a shot of yesterday's Main Road.
Not a single car passed me in the several minutes I stopped to photograph... but there was activity just across the road!  The second shot of this soupy, unusually warm day (40 degrees F) shows Martin Andersen's pasture and cows.  I couldn't help but remember Alvin Cornell's favored adage, "Winter's fog'll freeze a dog" when I saw those animals laying down in the cold slop of the pasture.  Where's their sense, anyway?

Snow Friday, Jan. 25, again Sunday into Monday,
Jan. 27, then rain Tuesday turned it into mush.
Later today, Wednesday, we're expecting
6 to 8 inches of new snow.

The rain-slicked roads yesterday only added to a rather depressing scene, but just take a look at the two photos that follow.  The first was taken by Tyler McGrane from a vantage point on the Potato Dock as the ferry returned from Northport.  This was the morning of the first day's service out of that docking point.  The second photo is of a bright, cheery morning filed with sunlight and human activity.  It was taken by Tim Sweet who traveled to Washington Island Saturday, Jan. 26 for the meeting of Friends of Plum and Pilot Islands, for which he serves as its president.  Tim also took terrific photos of Rock Island later that day, but I think he'll submit them for the FORI website at some point.

If it wasn't still dark outside this morning, I could provide a weather update for you...instead, you can look in on our Ferry Dock Webcams at     Enjoy your weather, and your day, wherever you are.
  -  Dick Purinton

Ferry returning, single-digit morning, Monday Jan. 21.
(Tyler McGrane photo)
Cold, crisp morning as ferry approached Island,
Saturday, Jan. 26.  (Tim Sweet photo)

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