Thursday, December 20, 2012


Detroit Harbor, Washington Island -

Rain changed over to snow as the air temperature fell. As predicted, the wind picked up speed about noon today, and wet snow began to accumulate.  Thursday's afternoon ferries were cancelled.

Out at the Potato Dock, dredging is still on the slow side, but there is production.  Hard spots have been passed by, for now, in favor of digging as much volume as possible in time available.

There won't be more hauling of spoils from the site until road conditions improve, so Roen's crew will spend this night keeping an eye on their equipment.

There have been a few spectators, among them Magnus, Aidan and their dad, Hoyt Purinton, looking on as the crane's bucket brought another mucky load to the surface.  Aidan is sporting a new look since Saturday when, he said, his brother Magnus sat on his head.  That action took out one tooth and loosened the other, to where it dangled.  His mom removed that one to complete the symmetry.   We suspect the pair might have been ready to go soon without the extra help, but now he's all set for those permanent teeth to grow in.  A classic look for Christmas, we reminded him.    -  Dick Purinton

Although visibility was still quite good, snow began to fly by 2:30 pm
when this photo was taken.   The heavy rains of morning, plus wet snow,
made a slushy mess of roads.   Island plows were out to
scrape the mess before more serious snow
amounts fell.


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