Friday, December 21, 2012

Potato Dock - Dredging a second barge load, 4:15 Thursday afternoon.
Detroit Harbor, Washington Island -

Snowfall amounts were hard to measure this morning because of the wetness from rain and sleet.  Snowfall following the rain was compacted.   I estimated a slushy covering of perhaps 4-5 inches deep.  Temperatures this morning were still above 30 degrees, so it was easy to remove the mess from streets and sidewalks.  Washington Island, according to the weather radar, was in a region near northern Lake Michigan that was free from moisture as of 7 pm, and there was little to no accumulation after that. Quite a different story further south in state, we understand.

Several logs came up with the muck, maybe
old pier timbers? 
Dredging continued through Thursday afternoon, the 20th, concentrating in areas where decent production could be achieved.  Trucking commenced at 7 am today.  Roads had been cleared by Town plows by that time.   The material barge was clean by approximately 10:30 am, and then digging resumed.

In order to achieve removal of several high spots within the designated area for dredging, consisting of hardpan (stone, clay) that the crane's bucket can't bite into, a test dig was made with Tom Jordan's small excavator.  Based on Jordan's ability to rip into the hard crust, Roen is attempting to locate a larger excavator.  Weather has to calm considerably, as that heavy excavator will be loaded directly on to the contractor's construction barge from the Northport dock.

Dumping spoils at the Hagen gravel pit.
At the Hagen pit, off Michigan Road, trucks dumped their loads of black, mucky material over the bank, where it was further cleaned up and spread with a small loader.  The off-load was completed in just under three hours.

Today is mostly a day for clean-up of snow and slush, in anticipation of a better day tomorrow.  At the Island Schools, at least in the elementary wing, students are enjoying a pre-Christmas celebration.  School lets out at noon and the Christmas holidays begin for staff and students.

Joel Gunnlaugsson, ferry captain,
operated loader.

-  Dick Purinton  

11:00 am, Friday - test digging over hard spot.

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