Friday, December 28, 2012


Detroit Harbor, Washington Island -

Dredging at the Potato Dock resumed early Wednesday morning when the Roen crew returned from Christmas holiday.  Tom Jordan operated the excavator of Mike Kahr's, and brought up heaping buckets of sand, clay from the hardpan area 100-140 ft. east of the dock's face.  A loaded barge was offloaded Wednesday, and again late Thursday, and digging began again after 7 p.m., continuing until a hydraulic hose connection broke on the excavator.

While Rich Ellefson went for repair parts, the crane and clamshell are once more in service.  The material barge is full as of 11 a.m. this Friday morning, and trucking has begun.

Island road conditions are good with most icy patches worn down, some slush here and there. Dump trucks have been making good time on each round trip.  A couple of truck owners have dropped out of rotation due to mechanical concerns, so one of Mike Kahr's trucks was ferried over yesterday.  It's being driven by Joel Gunnlaugsson.  Something like one-quarter to one-third of the estimated volume has now been dredged. A substantial area remains.  

Holiday traffic is arriving for New Year celebrations on the Island.  A log truck and a Veolia waste truck with trailer departed from the Island on earlier ferries.  

Conditions are calm, temperatures have hovered around 24-26 degrees, ideal late December weather for this work in many ways.   Light snow may fall this evening.  

-  Dick Purinton

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