Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall Cool Down

Washington Island, Wisconsin -

While there may be many beautiful fall days yet to come, each one is to be enjoyed for its special attributes.

Today it was the lighting, backlit cumulus hanging low in a blue sky, and the first scarlet patches on maples, the red apples dotting fencerows, set against varying shades of green.   The scene above was shot along East Side Road, on my return from the Island Exchange, where sunlight on clouds was too much to pass up.  My camera was in the front seat of the truck, and as several classic cars from a club driving around the island turned at the Michigan Road intersection, I stepped to the middle of the road for a few photos.

 Fresh northerly winds brought temperatures in the 50s and made for challenging water conditions.  Few fishermen were out today.  Only a handful of bicyclists pedaled island back roads.

Such fall days are numbered.  Each is a precious gift.  Soon enough, raindrops squeezed from the low overhead will be snow flurries instead.

For now, clouds and the blaze of fall are a show to enjoy.

-  Dick Purinton

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