Sunday, October 10, 2010



After work Thursday, I took a short ride with my camera to capture fall colors.

The late afternoon sun was bright and shadows were sharp, and I had a hard time getting a good shot of bright leaves and trees.

Finally, coming down Lake View Road past the old Potato Farm, I found two or three views that spoke of fall and the island.  Jeannine Ronning, on the old Verne Richter farm, has been working to restore the outbuildings there, and I think she has succeeded in making a very Icelandic-looking building out of a small shed (that I think has stove wood walls.)   Jeannine traveled to Eyrarbakki, Iceland, with Arni and Hannes several years ago when the Egg House was dedicated, and I think this looks like photos I've seen of the Egg House museum there, where a collection of rare, early bird eggs and nests are kept.  Jeannine, Hannes and Arni were benefactors in that peculiar, tiny museum building.

The other view, toward Detroit Harbor, lacks only in cows or some other farm life.   It is easy to see why the old Richter farmstead at the top of the rise might have been prized by its owners, then and now.

The island has never looked so beautiful in fall as it has these past several days, and we see many visitors paused along the roads who seem to appreciate it as we do, photographing and enjoying the sunshine and October air.
  - Dick Purinton

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