Sunday, October 3, 2010



Aidan and Magnus joined me to observe the digging and see what sorts of things had been found.

In the top photo, Eric shows them many small bits of pottery and chips of chert.  Aidan was invited to dig, something he loves to do, using Ashley's trowel, and soon he found a chip about 3/8 inch across.  With congratulations for his first "archeological" find, he was beaming. Although it went into Ashley's paper sack with other collected bits from that hole, in a short time he asked to see it again, just to remind himself it really existed.

The next morning, I picked both boys up at their home to visit the field again, and on our way in the car Aidan used the word "archeoligist" three times in one sentence, declaring afterward that he would like to be a fireman and an archeologist.  To which his brother, Magnus, replied, "And I want to be a kitty rescuer"... a fireman with a specific job description, I think.

We hope as this project goes forward there will be opportunities for more children from Washington Island to learn about the process and the results of the archeologists' work on Washington Island.

-  Dick Purinton

Top photo: Eric Burant, Michelle  Birnbaum, Aidan and Magnus Purinton.

Middle photos; Ashley Dunford records a completed hole, and Bill Balco screens soil at his location.  

Bottom photo:   Ashley, Michelle with future archeologists Magnus and Aidan.  

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