Friday, October 15, 2010


Washington Island, Wisconsin -

With a reduction in traffic this week, but continued warm and stable air over the upper midwest, maintenance work on the Arni J. Richter moves along.

Epoxy paint applied at the shipyard during the construction phase in 2003 shows signs of peeling in certain areas.  During summer, it's impossible to keep the ferry at the pier for more than a day.  This time of year, we often have windy, wet, cool days that make such work hard to manage.   But this October we've had an excellent stretch of weather allowing for maintenance.

Our other ferries can carry the load(s) during this time.

Shown at top:  Eric Brodersen in a lift, cleaning on the exterior of the starboard side upper works.  Below, Tully Ellefson is applying paint to the stern, and Nathan Andersen and Chris Swanson are priming from the Moby Dick paint platform.  

An excellent day to accomplish such work.
  -  Dick Purinton

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